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One day I went to a hot yoga class and almost died... but I kept coming back, so here we are!

In Yin classes, I let you be in silence. In Flow, I like breaking things down, bit workshoppy, because I believe it's important to get the basics right and have a sustainable - safe - effective practice.

I'm quite bossy, but I balance it out with jokes so you forget that you've been in that plank for a while!

Teaching & Certification

  • Power Living 200hr

Teaching Style

  • Adjustments/Assists:
    YAS! I believe in hands-on adjustments
  • Theming:
    No set themes, but I will sprinkle food for thought and life lessons throughout the whole class.
  • Sequencing:
    I don't normally come in with a set sequence - but we will always start and end the class in the same way. Normally, I would check in to see if anyone wants to work or focus on a particular pose or part of a body. I also try to sense the energy levels, as well as check in with injuries and pregnancies.
  • Music:
    No lyrics. Yin is quite ethereal and chilled out vibes for Flow.

On & Off the Mat With: Via Tendon

As a yoga teacher, what inspires and motivates your teaching?

The students' trust in allowing me into their space and journey. It's a very humbling experience.

How has your own yoga practice evolved since becoming a teacher?

I now crave the slower and quieter practice, more than ever.

Do you have any yoga teachers that you admire and/or look up to? Who are they?

Of course, there's so many! In Melbourne, Manoj Dias, Sandra Leong, Christy Champoise, William Wong.

For those of us that haven't practiced with you before, what can we expect from your classes?

I will always have my eyes on you and remember your name. It will be tough, but I got you and more importantly, you will learn in the end that you got you!

I'm quite bossy, but I balance it out with jokes so you forget that you've been in that plank for a while!

What type of class could you teach all day, everyday and why?

Yin because it's so friggin blissful!

Do you practice any other form of movement or fitness besides yoga? If so, what kind?

Yes. HIIT, spin and Pilates.

Which 3 icons or figures would you want to sit next to at a dinner party and why?

Mother Teresa, Dalai Lama, and Michelle Obama!

Finish this sentence. "I feel the most like myself when..."

I've had a deep night sleep!

And lastly because it's fun, what's your spirit animal?

A monkey.

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