Vanessa Muradian

Student level

I started my yoga asana journey sporadically from age 17. However I remember questioning "beingness" from age 7. In hindsight, this questioning was about the soul and who actually sees - I was a yogi from the start! Yoga for me is about remembering my essence and the reflection of this essence all around and within me.

Teaching & Certification

I completed my first TT at Power Living and later 300 hours with Embodied Flow. I considered Tara Judelle and Scott Lyons teachers and mentors, I think what they've created with Embodied Flow is really revolutionary and nurtures a deeper experience of embodied oneness - than I've ever previously experienced.

Teaching Style

  • Adjustments/Assists:
    I like to occasionally give nurturing hands on assists.

  • Theming:
    I love to theme my classes in a way that teaches us to deepen our connection to our bodies and truely inhabit them as pathway or experience of awakening.

  • Sequencing: Pick a philosophical theme and explore how to use the body and the senses to have an embodied experience of that concept.

  • Music: I play music that won't remind you of that break-up from 3 years ago.

On & Off the Mat With: Vanessa Muradian

As a yoga teacher, what inspires and motivates your teaching?

The yearning to feel deeply connected to love, the yearning to enjoy my life as it is, the yearning to teach others to feel held and supported beyond their human suffering.

How has your own yoga practice evolved since becoming a teacher?

My own yoga practice has less and less rules, I try to explore moment to moment flow and not be bound by a plan, rather explore intuitively. My own practice involves a moving meditation, however that looks.

Do you have any yoga teachers that you admire and/or look up to? Who are they?

Tara Judelle, Mei Lai Swan.

For those of us that haven't practiced with you before, what can we expect from your classes?

Love, humour and depth.

What type of class could you teach all day, everyday and why?

Currently I like teaching a class on the heart, moment to moment presence - using the spine as a central axis for balance between effort and ease.

Yoga for me is about remembering my essence and the reflection of this essence all around and within me.

Do you practice any other form of movement or fitness besides yoga? If so, what kind?

I do group training at my workplace. I work out! ;)

What's your go-to spot in Melbourne to get inspired?

Immersions with my teachers! Or the river in Warrandyte.

Which 3 icons or figures would you want to sit next to at a dinner party and why?

Oprah (teenage dream), Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, Merleau-Ponty, And definitely a wonderful astrologer - I'm just not sure yet who I'd choose.

Finish this sentence. "I feel the most like myself when..."

I'm teaching, presenting on stage or dancing - when I'm in flow.

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