Sacha Flanagan

Student level

I was introduced to yoga through my career as a professional contemporary dancer. I began in 2007 whilst at university; initially the connection was purely physical, but through the guidance of my teachers over in London I learnt about yogic philosophy and fell in love with the practice which then lead me to do my YTT.

I enjoy creating a vinyasa practice with creative and fluid transitions and leading soulful but dynamic flows. I also love guiding a nurturing restorative yin yoga practice with breath work and mantra to slow down and mellow out.

Teaching & Certification

  • 200 hours with Vidya Heisal at Frog Lotus Yoga International (Bali)
  • 50 hours Yin Modules 1 & 2 with Jennifer Crescenzo (Perth)
  • 25 hours Creating the Soulful Practice with Sian Pascale (Melbourne)

Teaching Style

  • Adjustments/Assists: Yes, I enjoy being hands on. I will give tactile adjustments to correct anatomical alignment and also juicy assists that will allow you experience deeper sensation.

  • Theming: To add a more meaningful layer to the practice beyond the physical asana I will weave yogic philosophy through my classes. Generally exploring a virtue that can be cultivated both on and off the mat.

  • Sequencing: Coming from a dance background I like movements to flow and feel good in the body. Weather it's a slow flow or a fast paced vinyasa I try to sequence intelligently. Opening up the body in a way that is geared towards visiting a peak pose.

  • Music: I'm a big music lover, with eclectic taste. It depends on the day or the mood of the class but generally I'll have a few tracks which are fun or have a good beat to build the intensity of a flow but I also like to meld in instrumental tracks that allow you to limit distraction and drop into a moving meditation.

On & Off the Mat With: Sacha Flanagan

As a yoga teacher, what inspires and motivates your teaching?

Everything and anything, that's what I love about this practice. It could be a little nugget of wisdom that I've come across, something that has come up in my own personal practice or from attending a class. As well as a teacher I am forever a student.

How has your own yoga practice evolved since becoming a teacher?

I have a deeper connection with body. Rather than just focusing on aesthetics I listen more closely to the subtleties that arise with in me. I also have learnt when to 'tap out' and surrender. It's not about being 'the best or winning,' it's about being with what is and honouring where you are at in that moment. Presence.

Do you have any yoga teachers that you admire and/or look up to? Who are they?

Hayley Scmidt, my first yoga mentor over in Perth.

For those of us that haven't practiced with you before, what can we expect from your classes?

I tend to teach quite a strong practice but I like to balance that with a nurturing quality that encourages you to find the balance between challenging yourself and honouring the body with options to modify. I hope to make my classes accessible to all- Everyone should be able to practice yoga

What type of class could you teach all day, everyday and why?

I teach most class style all day every day haha, I love all of them.

To add a more meaningful layer to the practice beyond the physical asana I will weave yogic philosophy through my classes. Generally exploring a virtue that can be cultivated both on and off the mat.

Do you practice any other form of movement or fitness besides yoga? If so, what kind?


What's your go-to spot in Melbourne to get inspired?

I'm still new to Melbourne so I'll get back to you on that one, but can I be lame and say my yoga mat?!

Which 3 icons or figures would you want to sit next to at a dinner party and why?

David Attenborough for his knowledge of the natural world, David Bowie for his creative mind and The Dali Lama for his wisdom.

Finish this sentence. "I feel the most like myself when..."

I'm moving intuitively.

AAnd lastly because it's fun, what animal do you identify with?

An Otter. They're so full of energy and when they're chill they float down stream holding hands. :)

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