Maud Léger

Student level

My yoga journey started on the rooftop of my workplace in Paris. Then life took me to Melbourne where my love for yoga rekindled, offering me a safe refuge to escape the unsettling romance I was trapped in. Today I share yoga to offer people a safe space to be, to feel, to grow.

Teaching & Certification

  • 200 Hours Vinyasa Yoga at Power Living with Chris Wilson and Cassie Lee (2014)
  • Studied with Amy Ippoliti, Dice Iida-Klein, Adam Whiting
  • Iyengar Yoga with Usha Devi in Rishikesh, India (2016)
  • Transcendental Meditation with Steve Griffith
  • Yin Yoga with Jen Crescenzo (2017)
  • 300 Hours Tantra and Traditional Hatha at Zuna Yoga with Everett Newell in Bali (2018)
  • Yoga Nidra with Rod Stryker in Bali
  • Pregnancy and Fertility Yoga with Phoebe Cole and Amanda Waaldyk
  • Ayurveda with the American Institute of Vedic Studies

Teaching Style

  • Adjusments/Assists: I offer hands-on assists to enhance the students' experience or help them bridge the gap between what their body can do and what their mind restricts them from doing.

  • Sequencing: Generally I sequence classes towards a peak pose and/or an energetic apex. My understanding of Ayurveda also helps me sequence according to the environment, seasonal changes, and/or energy in the room.

  • Music: From Om chanting to Miles Davis with some loud Drake but also Nils Frahm.

On & Off the Mat With: Maud Léger

As a yoga teacher, what inspires and motivates your teaching?

Nature, art and life inspire me. Yoga is everywhere all the time.

How has your own yoga practice evolved since becoming a teacher?

Learning to meditate is what changed my yoga practice and my teaching the most.

Do you have any yoga teachers that you admire and/or look up to? Who are they?

People who embody the practice. Rod Stryker, Adam Whiting, Chris Wilson, Cassie Lee, Sue and Steve Griffith.

For those of us that haven't practiced with you before, what can we expect from your classes?

Lots of breath, body awareness, a little challenge, French accent.

What type of class could you teach all day, everyday and why?

When the room is full of open hearts, the space we create together vibrates like the sound Om. It's magical.

I share yoga to offer people a safe space to be, to feel, to grow.

Do you practice any other form of movement or fitness besides yoga? If so, what kind?

Dancing, swimming, bush walking, reformer pilates, climbing and recently surfing - I am in love!

What's your go-to spot in Melbourne to get inspired?

Yarra Bend Park.

Which 3 icons or figures would you want to sit next to at a dinner party and why?

Patty Smith - she is just herself, always has been.
Alain de Botton - because is is bright and so very funny.
Marion Cotillard - she is talented, hard-working, and humble.

Finish this sentence. "I feel the most like myself when..."

I am one with everything.

And lastly because it's fun, what animal do you identify with?

A mermaid.

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