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At The Yoga Space Melbourne, we embrace yoga as a holistic practice, one that often begins on the mat then gently expands into all aspects of life. Our studio was born out of a vision to create a space where everyone is welcome, where we can return to ourselves, where we can connect to an awareness, peace and ease in our lives.

Preparing for Your Class

When You Arrive:

  • Come about 10 minutes early to settle and enjoy the space

What to Bring:

  • Your breath and your body!
  • We supply mats, tea and everything else you might need

Behind the Studio: Ari Markman

Tell us a little bit about how your yoga journey began.

As a disillusioned law student, a friend took me to a yoga class. The teacher had a joy and a light and it inspired me so much. 25 years later, here I am, living, breathing and loving yoga

What inspired you to take the leap and open up your own studio?

I was living my other life working in human rights and conflict resolution and teaching yoga on the side. I was one day hit with the realisation that when I taught yoga I felt alive. From there I quit my other life, taught yoga full time for years and worked towards the dream of opening a studio.

Speaking of inspiration, what words do you live by? Name your personal or professional motto.

The purpose of life is to lived it - Eleanor Roosevelt

What sort of experience are you looking to cultivate whenever someone steps foot into your studio?

We are fortunate to have a diverse team of talented teachers who teach from the heart, from their own training and rich practice experience. We celebrate the traditions and wisdom of yoga while integrating contemporary philosophy and teaching methodology. The different styles we teach allow you, as a student, to explore and discover the many wonderful pathways of yoga.

We truly believe in the gift of yoga. Its ability to meet people where they are at. At any given moment. On any given day. Movement and ease.Strength and healing. A lightness of being and a lasting connection to yourself and the world.

While we're in the neighbourhood, what local spots should we check out before or after class?

We love Aviv Bakery, Mandolin, Urban Soul clothing and of course the new Coles next door

Lastly, what are you most proud of when it comes to your studio and/or your community?

Watching a community bloom and breathe together fills my heart with joy.

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