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Saltwater Yoga Studios is a collaboration of contemporary eco design, the latest in health technology, traditional sacred knowledge of the East, modern Western science and the creativity of local artists.

Yoga gives you the ability to manually manipulate the chemical/hormonal profile of your body via mindfulness techniques and pranayama (breath control), affecting your mood instantly and in the long term. All systems integrate together as one unit & you dramatically increase & prolong your physical abilities on every level, from grand movements to the mechanics of the molecule!

Many people will think it's magic. It is not magic. It is yoga. An ancient science which is the most sophisticated scientific technique we have in modern times. It doesn’t matter what shapes you make. The asana (yoga postures) are just a tool to adjust the minds settings. Everyone on the mat is doing the same thing. Becoming aware of the intricacies of themselves & practicing being present & okay with that which is there.

Preparing for Your Class

When You Arrive:

  • Studio opens 15 minutes before class schedule time
  • Booking is optionalm we can book you in on arrival
  • Studio is warmer nearer the front and cooler towards the back

What to Bring:

  • Bring your own mat or hire one of ours

Behind the Studio: Eva Büman

Tell us a little bit about how your yoga journey began.

Eva Büman started practicing yoga in 2003 whilst studying a Bachelor of Applied Health Science (Naturopathy) in Melbourne. During the years of practice, yogic philosophy became Eva's lifestyle. Yoga has been what helped her stay focused & driven throughout.

What inspired you to take the leap and open up your own studio?

Saltwater Yoga Studio in Williamstown was created in order to unite the modern lifestyle with the wisdom of ancient practices & the stability of modern science. We are fun, yet grounded, mindful & dynamic, meeting the needs of the modern westerner to balance harmony in the body & mind.

Speaking of inspiration, what words do you live by? Name your personal or professional motto.

Know thyself, be thyself, love thyself.

What sort of experience are you looking to cultivate whenever someone steps foot into your studio?

Delivering an easily digestible recipe of all the modern & ancient traditions: Saltwaters teachers are highly trained & up to date with the latest in sports science & psychology which they skilfully knit together with this amazing ancient wisdom, to deliver a well rounded yoga practice which will, with out a doubt, bring strength to your body, tame your mind, and nourish your soul!

Lastly, what are you most proud of when it comes to your studio and/or your community?

Our Salty Community warm our hearts everyday. What an amazing and compassionate group of people!

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