20hr Meditation Training with Steve Ross

Yoga 213 97 Swan Street Richmond VIC 3121
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Practice various meditation techniques and dive deep into the practice of yoga way beyond the physical postures. Open to both yoga teachers, regular meditators and anyone wanting to experience the life changing effects of meditation.

20hr Meditation Training

Led by Steve Ross at Yoga 213.

Deep Experiential Yoga

This training is designed to introduce you to the deeper aspects of yoga, not only with concepts, but experientially. It is for people who want to vastly enhance their yoga practice or teachers who want to deepen their knowledge and experience beyond postures and adjustments, along with anyone else who is seeking true spiritual freedom. This training is meant to guide you toward being a true yogi, and that’s something you live every moment of your life.

True Yoga Teacher Training

Most yoga trainings strongly emphasise the physical aspects of yoga. And that’s fine for what it is. However, that’s not enough to produce the joy and bliss that yoga was designed to produce, and it’s insufficient for the attainment of happiness in your entire life, which is the true aim of yoga practices. On this training you have the chance to experience a genuine sadhana practice (spiritual practice) with a lifetime meditator and former monk schooled in the yogic traditions.

About Steve Ross

Steve has practiced various styles of yoga for most of his life and has been teaching for over 40 years. He has explored in great depth the physical aspects of yoga as well as the philosophical and spiritual roots of yoga. Steve spent four years living as a monk in the Vedic tradition and has ceaselessly sought out and revelled in the presence of some of the most notable masters of our time – both in India and elsewhere. Author of best selling yoga book, Happy Yoga, Steve is honoured to have the opportunity to share his vast knowledge and experience with other spiritual seekers.

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