‘Look After Yourself’ is Lucy Glade-Wright’s Daily Mantra — Here’s Why

Written by Andie Pineda
Say the word ‘yoga’ to someone who’s never tried it before and there will be endless associations and preconceived notions of what it’s thought to be. It’s one of those activities that comes with a lot of quick judgements and albeit, hesitation (perhaps masked as intimidation for some).

So to shed light and shed the stereotypical yoga labels, we’re spotlighting real-life yogis that are part of daily, modern life. Next up on our Modern Practice series is Lucy Glade-Wright.

Lucy is the Co-Founder and Brand Director of Hunting for George — and knows a thing or two about prioritising self-care, especially when life gets too busy. Here’s what she had to say about her relationship with yoga...

When and how did your yoga journey begin?

I've been flirting with yoga on and off for about 10 years but we began dating seriously just over a year ago. It was towards the end of 2017 and off the back of a particularly stressful year. I was exhausted, anxious and unfit so I decided to take myself to a yoga class. Turns out that was the best decision I made that year! Whilst I was quite bad at almost every single pose, I loved the concentration that each pose demanded as it allowed my mind to focus and settle.

At the start of that class our teacher asked us to set an intention and immediately the words 'Look After Yourself' appeared in my mind, they were practically lit up in neon lights they were that apparent. Since then, those words have become my daily mantra and is the main reason behind why I practice (and love) yoga.

The words 'Look After Yourself' appeared in my mind, they were practically lit up in neon lights they were that apparent.

What does your yoga practice currently consist of? How has it evolved over time?

My practice has definitely evolved over time considering that when I started I was pretty much a novice. When I was first learning poses I was desperately looking around the room to check that I was doing them 'correctly' and I was not particularly in tune with my breathing. These days I try to focus more on my breathing and also my transition between poses to try to create one fluid movement throughout my entire practice. For that reason I really enjoy Vinyasa due to the freedom and flow of movement.

How do the effects of your practice show up in your daily life?

Practicing yoga has completely transformed the way I approach my life. I think the main reason for that is due to the meditation aspect of practicing, from being mindful to just figuring out how to breathe. This has really helped me better cope with stressful situations on a daily basis and has also impacted the way I receive and process information. There are also smaller things too that I notice. Sometimes I find myself having a conversation with someone in the office and I'll realise that I'm standing in tree pose.

How do they show up in what you do as a profession?

I’m the founder and director of a successful ecommerce company that was started from scratch. The speed in which my business moves is extremely fast and practicing yoga has really helped me to cope with that pace. When I practice yoga I’m able to clear my mind and release it from the stress and anxiety that comes from running your own business. This has been vital in maintaining my composure to then be better equipped to solve problems and think critically day to day. Yoga is also helping me to become much more patient, which has never really been my strong suit!

Do you believe that having a yoga practice benefits and serves not just the self, but also those around you?

I thought it best to ask my partner this question to see what he thought. He said that since doing yoga I’m ‘more happy’ which makes him happy. Enough said.

What’s been the biggest game-changer in keeping your practice going?

I think it all comes down to mindset and personally my biggest game-changer came from setting an intention to ‘look after myself’. I made a conscious decision to make myself my number one priority and that I would choose to do things that make me feel good. That then led to seeing yoga (and all exercise for that matter) as a treat, rather than a chore.

Favourite yoga studio?

I practice at South Pacific in the St Kilda Sea Baths. They have a great range of yoga classes, the teachers are awesome but I’m also madly in love with the location. Planted right on St Kilda beach, I get to see the ocean every morning and it’s the perfect way to start the day.

Favourite yoga teacher?

Without a doubt, Emma Strembickyj. Emma is the reason I fell in love with yoga, when she talks it’s as if you’re the only one in the room and her class leaves you feeling like an absolute warrior. She’s the real deal!

It’s as if you’re the only one in the room and her class leaves you feeling like an absolute warrior.

Favourite yoga pose?

I’m going to say pigeon pose because when I did my first yoga class I could not do it at all. I was barely able to cross my leg let alone fold. I remember thinking ‘how the hell are all these bendy people touching their heads to the floor?’ Now I’m one of those bendy people and it always makes me smile, but I still find pigeon pose to be incredibly challenging and it’s a pose that I am not even close to mastering so it keeps me motivated.

Lastly, what’s one misconception about yoga that you’d like to demystify right here, right now?

That it’s just 60 minutes of stretching! I’m guilty of having thought this in the past but I’m completely amazed at how strong yoga has made me. Your strength creeps up on you too... all that planking and down dogging seems standard and then one day you catch your reflection in the mirror and you’re like ‘damn gurl, you’ve got some serious bicep action going on!’

Follow Lucy at @lucygladewright and www.lucygladewright.com.

Images provided by Lucy Glade-Wright.

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